In addition to pulling in some great speakers this spring, the SHS Agroecology students are also busy researching plants and butterflies to provide a wonderful habitat and plentiful food for our native pollinators in the new SHS Pollinator Garden coming this spring.

Beginning mid-month, Agroecology students, with help and guidance from the Snohomish FFA Alumni Association and community volunteers, will begin work on the new garden, first filling the site with topsoil and compost to prepare it for planting. Larger trees and shrubs will then be planted first followed by perennials and annuals and then a final heavy layer of mulch.
The garden will be watered using drip irrigation to conserve water, and maintained following environmentally friendly growing practices—no chemical fertilizers or pesticides will be used.
The garden will provide both food and habitat for many of our native pollinators such as butterflies, mason bees, honey bees, hummingbirds, bats and many more!

On April 11th, the students will give a presentation about the new garden at the Snohomish School District School Board meeting. The public can visit the completed garden during the upcoming Snohomish High School Annual Science Expo and Community Fair on May 2, which is also the opening day for the Annual Plant Sale.

On June 8 at the new Pollinator Garden, local elementary students, Agroecology students and other students will gather to celebrate the new garden. It’s sure to be an amazing day for what will soon be a beautiful addition to both Snohomish High School and our local community!